Terry Larkin, group general manager, JJ Foodservice
JJ Foodservice increases support for education caterers 

05/06/2018 - 14:31
National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has expanded its team and product range to support schools, colleges and universities.

The company aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ for schools, offering everything from food and drink products to disposables, packaging and cleaning products.

Group general manager at JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin, said: “Providing children with a nutritionally balanced menu that tastes great and stays within a tight budget is no easy task for caterers.

“At JJ’s, we have the products and experience to support schools, together with a passion to promote healthier catering options and environmentally friendly processes.”

The company’s investment into telematics has resulted in fuel savings, while its use of solar power has helped to generate renewable energy. Paperless invoicing has reduced waste.

Kevin Hobart, Head of Juniper Ventures Ltd, a catering and cleaning service provider and a JJ Foodservice customer, said: “Working with the right supplier is key – we chose JJ’s because they are responsive, competitively priced and can work in a fully digital environment.”