LACA Main Event 2018 Michael Hales
Michael Hales
Main Event - Chair-Elect Hales looks at year ahead
18/07/2018 - 09:43
LACA Chair-Elect Michael Hales told the Main Event that the association was celebrating its 30th anniversary during his term of office and he was working with members on a new vision for it that he planned to launch at the Autumn Seminar.

"We’ve already achieved a lot and I'll be seeking to build on this legacy.

"We need to continue to change. We have a range of different members with a range of different needs.

"But we know already from surveys that 98.5% of you feel we continue to represent you in a positive way and 82% feel we offer value for money.

"In England we want to continue to present a positive case to retain UIFSM, in Wales the issues include the cost of the living wage and meeting special diets.

"Childhood obesity will continue to be a key issue and school meals will have a role to play in this.

"The issue of fast food outlets near schools is another one that I'll hope to see LACA advance our views on."

Hales formally takes over from current Chair Tim Blowers in September, but by tradition there is a handover at the end of each Main Event conference.

Tim said he had enjoyed an 'amazing year' as chair, pointing to the EPI research into UIFSM as a high point, because it had helped prompt the Department for Education to make explicit its endorsementof the scheme because of the benefits it brought to children.

He also pointed to the first meeting of regional chairs, which he said had gone well and LACA would be following up on this.