Nearly half of Brits will eat lab-grown meat and fish within 10 years
13/03/2018 - 07:00
New research has found that 41% of Brits think we’ll be eating lab-grown meat and fish in the next ten years – citing shortages as their main reason followed by environmental and sustainability concerns.

In a survey of 2,000 people, rising food costs were highlighted as a concern, with 90% of people that do a weekly shop saying they would “start cutting back on spending if they were to rise again” - admitting that fresh meat and fish would go before fruit and vegetables.

Undertaken by human research company Starcom, the research found that lab-grown meat, which is grown in a cell culture rather than inside of animals, needs to closely mimic the original for it to become an accepted part of consumers’s diet. With taste voted the most important quality, texture, smell and its look followed closely behind.

More also needs to be done to “educate the majority of Brits to get used to the new food type,” as 42% said they would currently eat cultured meat or fish in a restaurant, compared to 37% who would in fast food restaurants.

Starcom UK group chief executive, Jodie Stranger, said: “The research is a fascinating look into the motivations and perceptions of consumers. For a food source that only really started proper development in the early noughties to have such acceptance already is amazing.

“It appears that this willingness to try something very new, and out of the norm, comes from a desire to help the planet and reduce the strains of meat production.

“Although greater education about the benefits of lab-grown produce is necessary, Brits are responsive. Nothing can undermine the need for a great tasting and good quality meal.

“However, with pressures on the industry to source the sheer quantity needed to feed our appetites and for consumers to pay for it, we’re going to see a lot more on interest in this area. Brands that create a great product and manage to effectively educate the market will reap the rewards.”