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LACA survey among members into the horse meat issue finds no evidence of school food being contaminated

08 Feb 2013

LACA has carried out a survey of its members following recent news reports of traces of horse DNA in beef products.

The survey found recipients had not used produce from the publicly implicated companies. LACA has therefore no evidence to suggest that the school catering industry has been affected by the current situation. Parents should continue to be assured of the quality and safety of their children's school meals.

Following further developments that have been highlighted in the media over recent days, the evidence so far suggests the contamination of food products is specific to the retail/consumer market and not to the supply to the catering trade/food service market, which provides food to schools.

Education catering providers are subject to stringent and robust procurement systems that include precise criteria on the traceability of produce.

Trading Standards are also able to sample, both methodically and randomly, products on behalf of the local authority.

Catering services rely on regulatory bodies such as public health authorities and the Food Standards Agency to carry out their checks.

Notification of issues or problems that may arise from incorrect labelling, contamination or foreign bodies and that pose a risk to food safety are communicated quickly and effectively for caterers to act accordingly.