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McCain Foodservice

McCain Foods don’t just supply tasty products, we also supply solutions. By listening to our customers, through extensive research, and from our experience in the education sector, we work with you to help deliver healthy, great quality food that pupils of all ages enjoy.

From field

As the UK’s largest purchaser of British potatoes, with a potato seed business in Montrose, Scotland and close links to over 300 potato growers across the UK, we’re committed to ensuring quality through every step of the supply chain.

That’s why McCain is a leading supporter of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme. After all, the best chips come from the best potatoes, and we believe that only the best chips should arrive on the pupil’s plate. 

To fork

We work closely with schools around the country and understand the challenges faced by busy school cooks. With this in mind, we developed the new, expanded McCain Chef Solutions range, containing products from The Simply range, to provide time, waste and labour saving solutions so that school chefs can do what they do best, consistently deliver high standard school compliant meals.

For more information on how McCain can help your business just visit or contact your local McCain representative.

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Partner Q&A with Peter Elflain, Business Manager

Tell us about your product/service range?
PE: Our Chef Solutions Simply Range is produced in the UK, with 100% British Potatoes. All the prep work is done for you, with nothing else added. The range features Simply Mash, Roasts, Dice Potato and Skin On Wedges, our latest introduction to help increase fibre in school meals.

Why is it so well suited to the school food sector?
PE:  Our solutions are perfect for busy school cooks, the prep is done for you which helps to reduce cooking times. The Simply Range is an oil free product within frozen and helps schools navigate the government guidelines of only having 2 fried/oiled products per week on school menus.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing for your businesses?
PE: Inflation is the biggest challenge we face right now. Our focus on delivering great good value for our customers is key. With inflation at the highest it has been in over the last 30 years this remains a challenge that we continue to work through.

What do you do to support the school food sector beyond the supply of your products/service?
PE: We work to build relationships and engage with key people within the industry to both stay ahead of trends and new requirements, alongside sharing category and market insights within the sector.

Why is supporting LACA and their work so important to you as a business?
: McCain was one of the original LACA Partners when the scheme was set up over 20 years ago. As LACA is the voice of school meal catering, we want to support the association to deliver key messages for the industry.

What was your favourite lunch when you were at school?
: Thinking back, I looked forward to Fish & Chips on a Friday at school, followed by my favourite Jam Roly Poly with custard!