Project launches to teach schoolchildren where food comes from
09/05/2018 - 09:17
A national project designed to teach “every schoolchild where the food on their plate comes from,” is launching in the UK this Friday (11 May).

Founded by farmer and TV presenter, Adam Henson, the project – ‘Please Sir! Feed Me Truth’ – will connect and engage supply chains behind all school food with what’s on childrens’s plate, in a bid to “create a generational shift in how the nation engages with, and values food provenance.”

As well as fully supported by farmer organisation, Happerley, Henson hopes that every school will commit to “making their food supply chain transparent” and explain the journey of every plate of food in school dining rooms.

He explained: “The appreciation and understanding of food starts with children simply knowing how and where the ingredients on their plate were produced, but they don’t. They have no idea. Every school dinner has a story to tell - a journey. It leaves a footprint. We need every child to explore it and be inspired and learn from it.”

‘Please Sir! Feed Me Truth’ is launching in Walsall Academy school (Birmingham) this Friday.