Rational and Frima partner on online portal for chefs
19/09/2017 - 08:48
Club Rational and My Frima have joined forces to create ‘ConnectedCooking’, an online portal for chefs which ties together the two companies products with professional cooking.

Featured services include an extensive database of recipes, how-to videos and tips as well as push message notifications of updates on what is happening with their appliances.

“Networked kitchens are Rational's and Frima’s big focus for the future," said Rational managing director, Simon Lohse said. “We feel that it's important to make access to it as straightforward as possible for our customers.

"Personal cooking programs and several thousand recipes from the international recipe database can be transferred directly from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone onto your appliances and managed centrally and updates are also performed automatically and free of charge, doing away with the need for more complicated transfers via a memory stick.

“The management of user profiles to make specific appliance functions accessible only to a clearly defined user group. This ensures consistent quality in spite of different levels of training amongst the staff.

“ConnectedCooking has already met with an enthusiastic response among our customers and has proven to be helpful in everyday kitchen use. Once you get used to a networked kitchen, you won't want to do without it,"