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Liam Kurzeja, RSPCA Assured
RSPCA Assured urges Brits to choose higher welfare labels
01/06/2018 - 07:00
The RSPCA’s ethical food label, RSPCA Assured, is calling on Brits to make the UK the ‘gold standard’ for farm animal welfare.

The ‘eat less, eat better campaign’, launched this week, encourages people to reduce their intake of meat, fish, eggs and dairy from low welfare farms; choosing higher welfare labels instead. 

The food label has published a report on the growing trend for eating less animal products, known as ‘reducetarianism’.

Liam Kurzeja from RSPCA Assured said: “We’re not telling people to stop eating meat, but the fact is most Brits say they are concerned about the welfare of farm animals. Price, however, is often the biggest barrier stopping them choosing higher welfare food.”

While 38% of people are reducing the amount of meat, fish, eggs and dairy they eat, four in five would not consider giving them up altogether.

The report showed the second greatest reason for people cutting down on meat and dairy, after health interests, is concern about farm animal welfare.

RSPCA Assured notes that there is currently a spotlight on how the British farming industry can become more self-sufficient post-Brexit, and believes the trend for ‘eating less’ provides a timely opportunity for higher welfare farmers to seize the moment.