Roast Dinner Day founder, Jeanette Orrey
Schools celebrate cooks and caterers this Roast Dinner Day
01/11/2017 - 12:40
Food For Life’s annual Roast Dinner Day is this year taking place 15 November, aimed to recognise the “dedicated, hard-working and talented school cooks and caterers serving children nutritious, freshly prepared and locally sourced school dinners.”

Inviting parents and “special guests” to join schools for a roast dinner with pupils and staff, the Soil Association (who founded the Food for Life initiative in 2003) hope to raise awareness of the “unsung heroes in schools” - cooks and catering staff.

With “nearly a quarter of children overweight or obese when they start primary school, rising to over a third by the time they leave,” caterers play a vital role in providing children with a “nutritious and appetising” school meal, helping them understand the importance of eating good food, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to maintain healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Co-founder of Food for Life and founder of Roast Dinner Day, Jeanette Orrey, said: "All children deserve to be in an environment in which it is normal, easy and enjoyable to eat well, and Roast Dinner Day is a great opportunity for schools and caterers to showcase the amazing work they do in schools to feed and educate our children.

“With the good news earlier this year that Universal Infant Free School Meals are to be continued, Roast Dinner is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the people who work hard to deliver this vital service, every single day.“

Now in its eight year, Roast Dinner Day will coincide with LACA’s National School Meals Week - a week-long celebration of school food that includes both political activity and engagement with school caterers, pupils and parents.