11/09/2017 14:09
Written by anonymous

Welcome back to all colleagues to a new school year, time flies and here we are again at the start of another Academic Year. On my way into work on Wednesday 6th I saw all the pupils ready for school looking smart in their new uniforms and it reminded me why we do this job.

So what have I got planned for September, well it is going to be a very busy month for LACA with many meetings and events going on each week.

September 11th will be the LACA Board meeting and AGM and the official handover from Sally. What a great year Sally has had and my congratulations to her in what was a year with some big challenges.

Tuesday the 12th will see me at the official opening of the LACA makeover winners Wavell School in Hampshire. The event will be the grand opening of the Year 7 Dining room and The Wavell Café. The school will be joined by the joint sponsors Julian Edwards Chair of  the Food Service Consultancy service International, Helen Bluden is the school Bursar and Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) the school meals provider.

18th September will be attending a meeting of the School Food Plan Alliance in London, decision will be made around the C—Chair of the Alliance following the closure of the Childrens Food Trust.

Friday 22nd September will be attending a number of meetings with the LACA Events Team and Dewberry Redpoint at their London Offices, planning for next year’s Main Event is already well underway.

28th September will be the Love British Food - Foodservice summit held in London and we will be discussing how producers can get more British food on the menus, what is needed form the food industry to ensure a robust supply of quality domestic-produced food in our sector (particularly in light of Bexit).

Busy month and I hope to catch with you all soon, please email me any questions or queries to LACA admin