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Allmanhall partners with Foodsteps to help schools make sustainable menu choices

11 May 2022
Food procurement experts Allmanhall has announced an exclusive partnership with Foodsteps to make carbon impact assessments available to school catering teams.

The Foodsteps platform enables foodservice and catering providers to upload recipes in order to understand the environmental impact of their menu items via a clear rating system and carbon footprint per ingredient. Foodsteps and Allmanhall aim to make data accessible, helping inform decisions for schools and pupils.

Oliver Hall, managing director of Allmanhall, said: “Over the next few years, when buying food, we will find sustainability or environmental impact data is as readily available as nutrition or allergen data is today. Enhanced understanding and availability of information are vital steps towards more sustainable food supply.”

The platform can be used to set and monitor targets, develop new recipes and improve a menu or product's sustainability.