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The Food for Life Partnership teams up with schools to inspire kids to eat wholesome dishes

12 Jan 2011

The Food for Life Partnership is working with schools to help inspire kids to grow vegetables, cook, visit farms and eat real, wholesome food.

To coincide with this the Partnership has launched Stuffed, a new interactive web-based learning resource that focuses on sustainable food issues for Key Stage Four students.

The system sets out debates around the future of food, how our food is produced and what impact this is having on our environment, society and animal welfare.

The website has been structured to tackle three key debates: Is the price of food too cheap? Will climate change mean we need to change what we eat? Can we feed ourselves in a world without oil?

Faye Walters, Food for Life Partnership Farm Links Manager, said: "The aim of the Stuffed website is to provide an exciting opportunity to access information and articles around these major food issues; have the information to think critically about how sustainable or not they are and as a result become informed consumers of the future.

"The website supports and extends the learning and practical skills development that the Food for Life Partnership provides through growing, cooking and visiting working farms."