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Gordon Ramsay answers plea by Bedfordshire school kitchen manager

29 Mar 2022
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay sent one of his chefs to Edward Peake Middle School to help with the lunchtime rush after a staffing crisis, it was reported by BBC News.

Kitchen manager Tina Clarke made a plea on national radio as she was left short-staffed due to illness and Covid-19. Ramsay was on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show talking about his upcoming TV show Future Food Stars, which begins on Thursday 31 March 2022.

Tina told the show: "I'm cooking here on my own, I work in a school kitchen and my chef has gone off sick and I have another one off with Covid, and I just wondered if Gordon would help me today and give me a hand?"

Ramsay replied: "If I did have the time I would be in Bedfordshire, I promise you in a heartbeat, I can send a chef if you wish?"

Ramsay was unable to make it himself but he sent one of his chefs Rob Roy Cameron to go and help out with the lunchtime rush at the Bedfordshire school.