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Easiyo Products (UK) Ltd

Simon Puckey

EasiYo provide a freshly made yogurt on site solution which produces either 6.5kg or 13kg of fresh yogurt.
The range of yogurt bases includes Natural, Greek and Reduced Fat.Easiyo
We also supply dessert solutions incorporating low sugar strawberry, lemon and chocolate mousse plus a vegetarian cheesecake mix.
To complement the range of yogurts we provide a range of 7 fruit toppings.

Why the education sector like EasiYo

The freshest it can be – made fresh on site by the caterer

14 days shelf life from production by the caterer

Caterers can control the size of each portion to meet their needs

Once made by the caterer, the yogurt can be used as an ingredient to create many dishes

No artificial colours or flavours,  and no thickeners or gums

Provides a source of Calcium & Protein

Gluten free, vegetarian, Halal & Kosher certified

Can be stored as ambient until the yogurt is made

Supports the Soil Association Food For Life initiative

For more information on how EasiYo can help your school or college, please contact Simon Puckey on 07496 693109 or email Simon at