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Crowther & Shaw are a commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation contractor based in Huddersfield.

We provide 24 hour / 365 day service support to all types of equipment across a wide ranging customer base as well as providing routine maintenance (PPM) services.

We have an in house design and installation team that can design bespoke solutions to all types of cooling and ventilation projects then manage the installation of the equipment from start to successful conclusion.

While based in Huddersfield we employ engineers located throughout the North of England so are able to offer these services way beyond our home town.

With 30 fully trained refrigeration engineers directly employed we have a wide range of knowledge and experience in house and this coupled with us holding many public sectors contracts, including University contracts, makes us an ideal contractor for contracts / tenders of this nature.

Established for over 80 years we bring a reputable and established business to you University, one that aims to be a long term provider of services rather than a “here today, gone tomorrow” supplier as many in our marketplace seem to be.