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DairyLink UK Ltd, tender for public sector milk contracts, linking local farmers/processors/distributors serving local milk to schools/nurseries/kitchens/universities/nursing homes/hospitals. We work as a team with the whole supply chain offering an excellent administration service for customers/small local businesses we support who may not otherwise be able to be part of a big contract for various reasons. We offer EDI (electronic invoicing)/orders by email/telephone/fax/post, adding online ordering shortly.

Milk4Life Ltd, link the supply chain in the same way as DairyLink, serving local milk to schools/nurseries.  M4L is a registered Agent with the Government to administer claims for the under 5’s free milk and the Rural Payments Agency’s over 5’s subsidised milk schemes.  The two companies work together providing a full service for all of our customer needs. We offer online ordering/payments via our website to parents. DairyLink were finalists in the GO Awards (Government Opportunities for Public Procurement Excellence), April 2013 in the Innovation/Initiative of the Year category for our work in linking/supporting smaller suppliers.

DairyLink are slightly unique in comparison to other dairies and depots in that we have a dedicated Education team, at the end of the phone throughout the working day whereas many depots/dairies cut off around 2pm.  We work actively on promoting milk in schools/attending conferences i.e. the Education Show/LACA (Local Authority Catering Association/the Academies Show and working on healthy eating/drinking days promoting calcium in the diet with kitchens/small exhibitions in schools. Our small team has over 45 years of experience in the dairy industry, working with schools/kitchens on the ground/assemblies for children and bringing farmers into the classroom for educational purposes/promoting British Dairy Farming.  We offer a sustainable procurement solution to all of our customers whilst supporting the British Dairy Farmers, encouraging a sustainable price for them whilst increasing milk consumption in children/the general public.