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Krogab is the leading supplier of juices, dispensers and café products across the UK, Europe and the Middle East and has been innovating and delivering great service for decades.

Krogab is delighted to be the official distributor of Carbon Golden Malted products. Since 1937, Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffles and Pancakes have been served around the world. The taste and aroma of our fresh baked waffles will keep your customers coming back for more. That’s why our products have been featured in the best hotels, restaurants, universities and theme parks for over 80 years!

With our world class waffle iron and mixes, cooking times are fast and there is less prep work and waste!

Commercial waffle irons are provided on loan at absolutely no cost with the exclusive use of Golden Malted® Waffle & Pancake Mix along with a FREE on-site service and maintenance support.

We value our corporate social responsibility covering the environment, employment and equal opportunities, ethics and compliance. We believe it’s important that Krogab should stand for responsible business practices.