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Olleco, the renewables division of ABP Food Group, is the UK’s leading resource recovery business for organic waste. We have created recycling initiatives which provide circular solutions for waste generated from the food industry, specialising in used cooking oils, food waste, and more recently, waste coffee grounds. Olleco collects organic waste from 50,000 food industry customer sites across the UK for conversion into biodiesel, biogas, green electricity, and compost. Our customer range includes universities, retailers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets and regional distribution centres.

The organic wastes we collect are transferred to one of our innovative, state of the art facilities for conversion into biofuels, green energy and compost. Our biodiesel plant in Liverpool re-blends used cooking oil into EN14214 EU specification biodiesel that is ISCC certified and offers 90% carbon savings compared to fossil diesel; while our Anaerobic Digestion plant in Aylesbury converts food waste into heat, power, bio-methane and organic fertiliser. We also have over 20 partner AD plants across the UK to minimise the distance waste travels, and nothing is ever sent to landfill.

Health and Safety is our top priority at Olleco and we have robust systems in place to ensure all our operations, and those of our partners, are conducted to the highest standards. We are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, including distributing Waste Transfer Notes, which gives customers peace of mind that their resources are being treated safely and legally. We are adaptable and practical in all that we do, and we will ensure our service levels can be sustained over the duration of the agreement.

Everything we do at Olleco ensures that nothing left over from any food service business is ever wasted - we call this Total Resource Recovery.

A short video outlining our services can be found at: