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The OWL System is a full-service approach to food waste management. Simply tip food waste caddies or bins into an on-site stainless steel hopper and OWL does the rest. There are no more odours, spills, pests or vermin.

All food waste is removed by OWL in vacuum trucks every two to three weeks, greatly reducing vehicle traffic and carbon footprint. OWL delivers waste to one of the UK’s 150 food waste anaerobic digestion plants, where 100% of it is converted into renewable energy and organic fertiliser.

For a single monthly fee, we provide a full-service solution, including servicing, maintenance, repairs and detailed monthly environmental reports.

At the heart of our innovative system is the BioWhale, a patented vacuum unit that’s built into a standard steel shipping container. This we install in the space currently occupied by waste bins. It collects, processes and stores food waste under vacuum until we remove it in vacuum trucks.

Once food waste is tipped into the BioWhale via its built-in hopper, waste is first shredded, then ground into a BioSoup. This is slowly mixed without the addition of water or chemicals. In this form, it’s stored under vacuum, odour free, for up to three weeks. No waste or flammable gases are produced.

We monitor storage tank levels online. When full, we dispatch a vacuum tanker to empty the BioWhale at a convenient time. Waste is taken to one of 150 UK food-waste anaerobic digestion plants. There, it is converted into renewable energy and organic fertiliser.

Our monitoring system also tracks BioWhale performance. Any issues are flagged at our control centre and, if necessary, we can dispatch a specialist service vehicle from one of our 14 UK service centres. We also offer a 24/7 rapid response call centre.