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Owen Taylor was established in 1922 by the grandfather of the current Managing Director. The business began as an abattoir supplying its own 5 retail shops in the local area. As the markets changed the business extended to become a wholesale business supplying other privately owned butcher’s shops. In the 1990’s when supermarkets were significantly affecting the retail sector the business changed direction to the catering sector. BSE and Foot and Mouth disease brought very significant changes to the slaughtering business and the business closed the abattoir in 1996 and used the space to extend the production areas that we being required for the significant growth in the catering sector.

Today Owen Taylor is a catering butcher supplying hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, food service across the East Midlands and beyond. We have a fleet of 18 fully refrigerated vehicles delivering 6 days a week.
We purchase much of the meat we supply as livestock from farms across the East Midlands, have the meat slaughtered under contract and it is brought back to us as carcasses. This local farm to plate supply chain give us a high level of control with the quality of the product that we are supplying and fits well with the Red Tractor accreditation and low food mileage that we promote.

In addition to the typical fresh meat that we supply we also manufacture sausages, burgers and other value added meat products. We have an extensive range of poultry and game. We also have an onsite bakery where we produce meat pies, pork pies, quiches and sausage rolls. We cook meats on site and sell an extensive range of both home produced cooked meats and also factored delicatessen products and cheeses.