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Simply Lunch are a purpose led business who strives to improve people’s lives through food.

For 40 years we have delighted consumers with taste led innovative food solutions delivered with unrivalled service. We are now on a mission to drive change in the FTG market to create more healthy and sustainable food products that will help drive growth and profitability for our clients with a core to premium offering. The FTG market is evolving and we want to support you in maximising the opportunity.

We will deliver this through high manufacturing standards, innovation and by building long term valued partnerships with all our stakeholders within the business. We help reduce your cost by taking complexity out of your food-to-go fridge operation but increasing the flexibility to meet everyday customer needs. Our goal is to help you maximise your return by taking advantage of the vibrant food-to-go market in the UK. We believe in creating exciting nutritious food products that improve people everyday lifestyles. This food is designed to attract customers that believe in the environment, value, convenience, health, integrity, and authenticity. We back this up with a strong operations and technical team that provides a safe product and best in class service. With Simply Lunch as your food to go partner your offering can go from strength to strength. 

We can also work with you to help grow your brand and help deliver growth through added value partnerships. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities please call us on: 0345 200 7631.

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