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N.B Please note that on Wednesday 11th November 2020 we received written confirmation that both Tiffin and Street Eats have merged some back of house services with a view to a longer term joint working relationship.  Both brands are still available to purchase.  Should you call off this agreement, please expect one joint bid from Street Eats/Tiffin.  We will inform members should both companies confirm a full merger/take-over.

Born & bread in Bradford, we have grown to become the UK’s largest national supply, independent and fastest growing food to go manufacturer. With over 20 years large scale convenience food manufacturing and distribution experience.

Delivering food to more than 4,000 different locations in the UK, we’ve proven time and time again we’re a company you can trust to supply delicious food with ease. We help you every step of the way, from ordering to deliveries to marketing. Our customer care specialists ensure every question is answered, every order tracked & every delivery arriving on time.

Our sandwiches can be enjoyed across the country, supplying to multiple different sectors from Education, Hospitality, Travel & more. Whether you’re in a university, on a train or flying abroad, chances are you could find a tiffin sandwich there!

Sustainability is a key factor in everything we do, for the past few years we’ve been at the forefront of environmental change in the food industry. Incorporating a 100% plastic free sandwich range, and in 2021 we’re taking steps to further reduce our negative impact on the environment by adding our first electric vehicle, Mercedes-Benz eSprinter! That’s not all, as of 2020 we are running on completely renewable energy.