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For a start, we have a truly national network of depots. Right across the UK there’s a Total Produce “depot on your doorstep.” If yours is a stand-alone business, there’s a local Total Produce depot nearby with local management hungry and appreciative of your custom.
For those operating multi-site businesses, Total Produce can deliver a single-supplier fresh produce solution right across the country, one administered centrally but operated locally.

We’re proud to be a European success story. From a small wholesale operation in Dundalk, we have grown into Europe’s largest fresh produce company. That’s all well and good, but what does this mean for you? Well, it means that local Total Produce depots and management are backed up by national resources in terms of Quality Assurance, Marketing and Customer Care. It also means we’re your best bet in terms of sourcing the cream of the global crop.

There’s nothing more important in fresh produce than Quality Assurance. Our produce stands or falls on our customers’ perception and more importantly their experience of its quality- we know that. And there’s no room for compromise.

Here at home Total Produce has thorough Quality Control processes and protocols in place at intake, product processing and dispatch to ensure produce is always of excellent quality. Resources are employed both centrally and across our local depots to ensure that the best possible standards are in place to deliver the best possible fresh produce.

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