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West Country is a family owned SME.  We are based in Exeter in Devon (hence our name), however, it’s important to note that our core business is the daily delivery of fresh dairy produce to ALL of the UK & Ireland.

We achieve this through close relationships with up to 60 regional suppliers around the country.  These relationships have been forged over the 15+ years that we have traded.  Many of these suppliers are also family businesses and a number are either from or are still involved directly with Dairy Farming.

We typically have 3, 4 or 5+ suppliers in every post code meaning that we are in a unique position to meet the local needs of each and every site.

We manage the deliveries to over 4,000 sites on a daily basis and an important part of our value proposition is to offer a Day One for Day Two delivery, 6 Days per week.  This allows for reduced food waste and efficient management of fresh produce.

Our regional model also helps to reduce Food Miles and support local businesses.

We have enjoyed growth in every single year we have traded and we currently deliver over 40m litres of milk per year.  Many of our people have worked in the Dairy Industry for all of their careers and we care deeply about our customers and our supply chain.

West Country Milk, “Linking the Dairy Chain”