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Who we are

Yumchop is a food manufacturing business specialising in fresh frozen ready meal foods. Our food is natural, fresh, tasty and wholesome. Our products are freshly frozen and are completely preservative free with no artificial colouring.

We currently offer a range of 15 products with 8 products tested and marketed to final consumers.

Our Concept

Unattended Retailing Kiosk (24 hours)

Our route to market is via a concept whereby we utilise the use of unattended retailing kiosk as a platform to offer access to our meal across 24 hours.

  • With an integrated commercial microwave facility to warm the food.

The introduction of the Unattended Retailing Kiosk supports the “food on the go” concept that can be deployed into different sectors of the economy i.e. 

  • Universities, 
  • Warehouses & Serviced Offices, 
  • Hospitals etc.

These kiosks also have the facility for remote management of stock giving real – time access to data intelligence to support re –stocking of our products.