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Start date 01 Oct 2018
End date 30 Sep 2020
Extension date

Administered by TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation)

The TUCO Soft Drinks and Associated Products framework agreement has been awarded to 13 suppliers over 5 lots:

•    Lot 1: Carbonated Soft Drinks - 9 suppliers
•    Lot 2: Still Soft Drinks - 9 suppliers
•    Lot 3: Sports, Health & Energy - 9 suppliers
•    Lot 4: Bottled Water - 9 suppliers
•    Lot 5: Concentrated Juice & Dispensers - 5 suppliers

The contract commenced on 1st October 2018.

Visit the Framework Document section, and the Supplier pages to access more information.


When are the key dates for a certain framework?

Framework NameStart Date     End DateExtension Period
Catering light and heavy equipment (inc PPE)13/11/201812/11/202112/11/2022
Disposables and Kitchen Chemicals (inc PPE)15/12/201914/12/202114/12/2023
Fresh Fruit and Veg01/08/201831/07/202031/07/2022
Fresh/frozen meat and poultry01/01/201831/12/202031/12/2021
Grocery/frozen and chilled foods01/04/201931/03/202131/03/2023
Innovative Food & Drink Concepts01/09/201831/08/202131/08/2022
Hot Beverages04/01/202003/01/202203/01/2024
Kitchen Equipment Maintenance01/04/201931/03/202131/03/2023
Milk, diary, morning goods and bread24/10/201623/10/2021 
Soft Drinks01/10/201830/09/202030/09/2022
Sustainable Food Waste01/08/201731/07/202031/07/2021

Are all your suppliers vetted and accredited?

Yes. Dependent on the product category, we will have assessed the supplier’s credentials to be able to supply the goods and/or services.  Please see the SQ (selection questionnaire) questions relative to the product category you are interested in.  High risk food suppliers e.g. sandwich suppliers are also continually audited to ensure they meet food safety requirements.