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Tchibo Coffee International has a long and proud history of working closely with Universities in the UK and you can benefit from the experience that we have gained by working with Universities just like yours.

We have a specialist Education Team that deal exclusively with the University sector in general, and TUCO in particular, supporting, growing and developing your beverage business and ensuring that your students, staff and visitors benefit from the highest quality service and products available on the market today.

Juice is fruity, refreshing and healthy. When it is served from one of our juice dispensers, it is also quick, flexible and easy to use. The Nordic juice dispensers are well designed and practical. The Nordic juice machine offers maximum capacity yet requires minimal space. It’s easy to clean, comes with a drip tray with drain, 3 juice dispensers and a chilled water dispenser. Making it an excellent choice as a university juice machine or a juice machine for canteens.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller than you might be interested in the Slimline Tchibo juice machine. The Slimline is simple to clean, has a drip tray with drain and up to 3 juice dispensers — plus a chilled water dispenser. Juice can include pulp and without pulp and because it comes with minimal parts and no pump – it’s easy to use and install. This makes it versatile, flexible and a great addition to any canteen or cafe. The Slimline also offers maximum capacity that requires minimal space.

Our juice machines along with our diverse juice drink portfolio means we have everything you need to make your beverage offer across the campus as good as it can possibly be.

Contact Tchibo today and let us explore ways we can work together to develop your beverage offer.